Outpatient Services

for a short-term trip or business

In recent years, many foreigners visiting for medical treatments have been able to receive basic procedures and treatments on an outpatient basis. Specialist doctors are readily available to discuss your health concerns and problems directly with you.

(In addition to the doctor's consultation, an accurate diagnosis is made based on clinical data and information obtained by utilizing advanced medical equipment and devices.
Personalized care and treatment are provided according to the patient's specific needs.)

we offer the services of English and Chinese-speaking concierges.
Furthermore,we would like to assure our clients that even those who are not proficient in Japanese can receive medical attention without any apprehension.


Before you visit to have an in-person consultation or other medical services at our hospital, patients are required to make an appointment with a doctor.

To make an appointment with a doctor, please call the following number.

Appointment Service Number


(for English and Japanese)

Hours: Monday- Friday (9:00am-5:00pm)

For Japanese language

(Outpatientservices for mid-to long-term residents in Japan)


Hours: 24hours/7days a week

Reception Hours



Our outpatient services are available by appointment only.
To complete your registration,please visit the reception window located on the 1st floor 15minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
However, please note that in rare cases, your appointment may be significantly delayed if the physician needs to attend to an emergency patient. We kindly request your understanding and cooperation in such situations.

What to Bring

Please bring the following items.

  • Passport
  • Cash or a credit card
  • If you have travel insurance, please show us the insurance certificate.

Registration - Consultation and Treatment Flow

Registration - Consultation and Treatment Flow

Billing and Payment Flow

Payment can be made by cash or one of the following credit cards

credit cards

For private insurance (travel insurance) holders

When you visit us as an outpatient, payments shall be made when you check out on the day of your consultation or examination. We would like to request you to pay the full amount at the hospital and submit a claim to your insurance company afterwards.

Billing and Payment Flow
  1. Pay full amount of medical expenses
  2. Issue medical documents
  3. Claim to insurance company
  4. Insurance proceed

For Any requirement

(for English and Japanese)

Hours/9:00am-5:00pm(Monday Friday)
We response to your mail as soon as possible.